How to mint a cool cat (mobile)

Cool Cat
4 min readSep 23, 2021

Looking to getting a new, unique Cool Cat? If so, we are super glad to welcome you to our project!

In this quick tutorial, we will guide you through installing the TRX wallet on your phone and, of course, getting that minting started.

Let’s cat!

Step 1: Pick a suitable device

At this stage, minting Cool Cats is possible through the web browser (we suggest using Google Chrome) on desktop computers (both: mac and windows) or mobile wallets.

Please note that this particular guide will refer to the mobile interface. If you would like to continue using your PC, feel free to refer to this page.

Step 2: Create a TRX wallet

To proceed with the Cool Cats minting, you need to link your TRX wallet to the Cool Cats page.

If you don’t have one, let’s set you up together.

Of course, the crypto wallet choice is totally up to you, but from our side, we can suggest 2 options: TronLink (they also have iOS and Android apps) or/and Klever (with the same, iOS and Android apps)

From now on, the guide will follow the TronLink setup, but if you opt for Klever, the steps will be quite similar.

Step 2.1 Add the TronLink Wallet to your mobile phone

TronLink is the world’s leading TRON wallet, and it’s featured on the official website of the TRON Foundation.

The mobile version will enable you to easily operate with your TRON balance straight from your mobile phone. Please, use these links to install the app: iOS and Android.

It should take only a few seconds for it to download.

Step 3: Sign up or log in to your TronLink Wallet

Open the app and select the Create Account (or Import Account) option. You will need to read and accept TronLink User Terms and Privacy Policy to proceed.

After that, please set the name of your TRX wallet and the password.

Whether you’re creating a new wallet or importing a new one, you might need a Seed Phrase consisting of 12 words. For first-timers, it’s essential to save this phrase for recovery purposes. Make sure to write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

If you followed the steps, your TronLink Wallet should now be ready to use, and you can visualize the balance of your address right from the app. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s continue.

Step 4: Top up your TronLink Wallet

If your TronLink Wallet is new, next up is adding some TRX to it. That’s so you can mint some eye-catching Cool Cats, of course.

To do so, click on Receive and copy your wallet address.

Remember, all our Cats are minted for a fixed 1500 $TRX. Apart from that, you may need a fee of around 120–150k energy or 15–25 TRX to mint your Cat.

Step 5: Visit Сool Cats & Start Minting

To link your TRX wallet to the Tron Cool Cats page, please open the TronLink app and switch to the Browser tab.

There, please insert the website in the search bar, and tap on the blue arrow.

The app will redirect you to the Cool Cats page. To get the minting started, click on the menu button first:

And then select Mint a cat:

After that, select the number of Cats you wish to mint:

And finalize the process by pressing Start Minting:

This action will automatically open your TronLink Wallet in another window to confirm the transaction. Just make sure to have enough TRX in your balance: all our Cool Cats are minted for a fixed 1500 TRX. No price tiers, no changes whatsoever. We believe this is the most transparent way.

Once the minting process it’s completed (it takes from 3 to 5 seconds), your NFTs will display on the website section My wallet:

And yes, you’re now officially a kitty owner.

You can also transfer and sell your NFT through the marketplace. To learn more about it, check out this article for sellers and this one for byers.

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