Utopia: Bringing the Virtual and Real Together

Cool Cats Tron interview the Utopia team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

Bringing my idea into life.

Our project is designed to integrate the NFT virtual world into the real world.

Only 500 holders of Utopia Pass will receive the right to manage the new system in the second (main) collection.

November 2021: Sale of the main Utopia collection with 2000 unique NFTs.
December 2021: Adding the ability to craft multiple Utopia Passes in Silver and Gold Utopia Pass with additional benefits.
January 2022: Collaboration with famous individuals and organizations through the use of our collection in the real world.
February 2022: Release of a full-fledged platform for interacting with the NFT of the main collection only for Utopia Pass holders
March 2022: Carrying out a worldwide online and offline quest with unique prizes for winners of which can become only Utopia Pass holders.

Our actions will tell about us more than our words.

The NFT market is still small in comparison with crypto market, so I think a buoyant market only.

See above ;)

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