SolChampions: Trading Cards Turned NFT

Cool Cats Tron interview the SolChampions team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

Cool Cat
2 min readNov 11, 2021


What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

We were inspired by YuGiOh! cards, which were a big presence in our childhood.

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

The core of a card, are its stats, so, higher the stats the special the NFT card itself, this is what makes a card special and gives it more value.

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

We are still working on that, we want to award our biggest supporters, but we didn’t decide how yet(the mint didn’t happen, so, there is still time).

Share your plans to develop your project in the near future

After the mint, our main focus will be on developing the “SolChampions Duel Arena” game, we have a medium post about that.

Tell us something interesting about your team

We are a small team, it’s me and my partner, both developers and we’re working hard to achieve great results.

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today, and what are your predictions for the future?

The NFT market took the main stage lately and will probably do that for the coming months … You know how crypto works, when bitcoin starts to go up, all the other thing do a step back, but after that, they come strong from behind, I think same is happening now to the NFT space.

Why should collectors get your NFT

We like to think about our project as something unique. We see it different from the other projects, mainly because, as I already said, the core of our NFT cards, are its stats, which will be the most important thing when we’ll launch the “SolChampions Arena Duel”. The NFT projects are focusing mostly on the look of it, and most of them, took inspiration from other projects, so we think the market has became saturated now and needs a breath of fresh air, something different, and we see our project as different.

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