Pixel Invaderz: Gamedev Meets NFTs

What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

The whole team was already very involved in the crypto and NFT space. We were always talking about how we could create our own NFT universe, our own ecosystem where we could bring NFT gaming, an ICO and our very own NFT collections all together.

When we heard about Solsea we were like “This is our chance, a new platform, a new community, a new era where we could really take off with our ideas”. Another reason why was the technology behind the Solana blockchain, which could easily be used to create a long-term project with low fees.

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

We want to offer an optimistic view of how alien life could look like in the universe. While our Pixel Invaderz are presented in a very abstract way using pixel art, each one resembles a whole lot of lore, thought and hard work. The idea behind the project is to depict a galaxy full of completely different lifeforms, some more familiar and some totally alien. Also, every Pixel Invader has unique traits that differentiate each NFT from another and will also play an important role in the future ecosystem we’re building.

What bonuses and perks do you offer your community members?

The Pixel Invaderz universe is not only a NFT collection that consists of collectibles. Rather, named NFTs can be put to good use in our upcoming NFT Gaming ecosystem where each NFT serves the purpose of generating passive income with our upcoming, in-house, game related token. However, this token does not only exist in the game, but can as well be traded publicly in the crypto markets. People who join our ecosystem early will profit from massive airdrops and yield higher returns in the future.

Share your plans to develop your project in the near future

The collection will hold a total of 10,000 individual Invaderz artworks split in multiple generations. The first generation, which is currently available on the market, called “Generation 1” will (once sold out) become the most sought after of them all as these NFTs will increase in Value first. New generations will be dropped once the previous one is sold out. Each and every new generation will come with new species and traits, increasing the diversity of our little big Universe. Early-joiners benefit from this yet again, as the older generations will likewise increase in rarity and hence in price.

Tell us something interesting about your team

Our core team consists of five people, and many more have already joined. Most of them are programmers, having worked for a long time in the crypto space. Some of our members also have much experience in game development, as well as digital art and design. We are a highly dedicated team working together from our very own new Pixel Invaderz office.

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today, and what are your predictions for the future?

From our perception, the NFT market is currently getting flooded by short-term pumps and dumps. We think that one should look beyond short-term gains and should really focus on what is possible in the long run. By getting more NFT projects to create a more long-term plan, we can change the NFT market to a better and more sustainable place for all.

Why should collectors get your NFT?

The Pixel Invaderz universe is something really special. It is not your normal pump and dump NFT project. It is here for the long run, consisting of multiple collections from the same universe, a great and addictive strategy game and our own ecosystem token. These three parts form the perfect NFT project where people can multiply their gains, really put their collectibles to use and have fun at the same time!

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