Most Valuable Broncos: No Horsing Around!

Cool Cats Tron interview the Most Valuable Broncos team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

My family. I was drawing a horse and my daughter said she wants it to have a human hand, so I drew it. Then my wife said this could be an NFT, so I started to design it.

I think it’s design, and creative approach to choosing the attributes to it. I wanted to make my character to have an interesting look and design. Most of the selected attribute has personal meaning to me.

We are planing an amazing contest to bring attention to our NFT after the mint and once some smart contracts come we will share some royalties with long time holders.

Giveaways, contests, partnerships.

Half of the team members are related and known each other forever.

I think it is here to stay. The NFT collection will start to expand and people will start to come up with many interactive way to engage with the communities.

I think because we want to use this platform to make something interesting and along the way we will reward our members. We generally believe that community comes first, and we also want to make it special. We want our community members to be good, welcoming and not toxic. We hope we will have lots of like-minded people.

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