MinerDwarfs: Mining for NFT Gold

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Cool Cat
4 min readOct 10, 2021


What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

What inspired us is the trend of Solana NFTs blowing over the roof. So I wanted to utilize the opportunity to be among the early creators in the space as it’ll never be easier than now to build something. Also, what keeps me motivated is the idea of having a strong community behind my work. A project I look up to as motivation is the Solana Monkey Business and Monke DAO. I aim for the strength of my community to reach that level someday.

What makes your NFT character special?

I believe we are the first to come up with the concept of a Dwarf, this is what makes us unique. As for what makes us special, I’d say the type of community we aim at building. Initially, my dream for minerDwarfs is to build a game with the dwarf characters. I know this sounds cliche now, as every project coming out has a promise to deliver a game. I’m not a game developer myself, just a graphic designer and artist, though I have friends who are into game developing. But to avoid any FUD and setbacks on our progress in the future, I’ve decided to leave the game promise out of the equation regardless of my love for it & leave it up to the Dwarf & community (and minerDAO) to shape in the best way possible in the future.

What bonuses & perks do you offer your community members?

Yeah, there are several bonuses we have in the plans. One or two of them are surely gonna be implemented as part of our commitment to the project and community. We plan to airdrop a special edition of NFTs to all our early supporters as well as most active & contributing community members (prior to mint). And what we use to label/identify these valuable members of ours is the OG role. Also, OGs will have exclusive access to info as well as contribute early on whatever we are working on & planning prior to establishing a DAO. We also plan to take 8% royalties, which will be split in the following manner:

  • 50% for sweeping floors which will cover give back airdrops, giveaways & contests.
  • 50% for further development, which includes future partnership costs.

Share your plans to develop your project in the future

Like I said earlier, we have serious plans for the future, we plan on expanding our collection to reflect the growth of our community & solana as a whole. We’re gonna be releasing more collections around the Dwarf myth. We wanna build a heavy lore around it, and we aim for the community to drive this in the most interesting way possible. We hope to see someday that we have a metaverse with all these mythical characters (dwarf, goblin, fairies, elves…) in it.

This is one of the reasons we partnered with KEKW as the founders are devs & also share the same vision of accommodating as many people as possible in the Solana ecosystem.

Our ultimate goal/plan, though let’s not say ultimate, but milestone, is to beat Raj Gokal’s challenge of being the first community or project to onboard 1 million users/members.

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today, and what are your predictions for the future?

I believe the NFT market today (especially on Solana) is still in its infancy. We are still early, and there’s no better time to build on Solana than now. The market saturation is nowhere near peak, and there are multiple opportunities to build and stand out. The only problem a lot of projects with great vision & genuine intentions might face & will have struggle building is trust. And this is due to rug pulls which has almost turned into a daily routine, we are forced to deal with it again & again. I hope we find a viable solution to this menace sooner than later.

Why should collectors get your NFT?

Because of all the reasons I outlined previously:

  • Uniqueness, we are arguably the first project to explore the Dwarf niche.
  • Community matters to us a lot, & we aim to build a value-driven community which expands with time.
  • We are focusing on the Dwarf lore & other myths related to it to hopefully build a game out of it someday. This (the game) we don’t promise, it’s our vision, and we’ll let the community drive and shape it better for us.
  • We aim at growing the Solana ecosystem with whatever we do.

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