Lux AI: An AI-Generated Psychedelic Kaleidoscope of NFTs

Cool Cats Tron interview the Lux AI team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

Cool Cat
2 min readOct 18, 2021


What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the AI industry and 3D modelling working with known brands like Spotify, BMW, Huawei, Samsung, Ikea, and Swedish government projects. We love crypto and the NFT world at the same time, so we decided to reshape our business from our company into the NFT world.

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

We are the first true AI on Solana. There are other generated artworks, but they get it done a different way, and it's not the same. What we do takes time with several computers going on 24/7 for a few months with the best graphic cards available in the market.

What bonuses and perks do you offer your community members?

50% royalties share and staking.

Share your plans to develop your project in the near future

Doing a VR showroom for the first time on Solana for exclusive passes and events or promotions. Merge, airdrops randomly from second edition for our holders. We wanna give as much as high value we can to our holders.

Tell us something interesting about your team

We love going public and be transparent, that's why we already have an interview on YouTube about us.

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today, and what are your predictions for the future?

We are still very early, and it’s a good point to start. In the future, NFTs are gonna be used as passes and requirements for events, shopping, loans and much more.

Why should collectors get your NFT?

We tried our best that this AI art looks good, of which we are proud, and we think we are the highest detailed AI project out there on Solana.

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