Fantasy Pixel: Adventure & Magic Brought to NFT

Cool Cats Tron interview the Fantasy Pixel team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

Our idea started off as a non play to earn game a while back. But as we stumbled across the universe of NFTs and play to earn games, we knew what had to be done.

Our Motto is old but new! We combine 3D Art with old-school PixelArt!

Play to earn is a fun and unique way, to combine earning some money on the side and gaming! Either collect adventurer and rare items or manage your guild and make them risk their lives, to show what kind of wood they are carved of.

We got 5 Chapters planed for our NFT game. In Chapter 1 you will be in charge of your own guild, send your bravest adventurers on their journey. In each additional chapter we will add more and more features to the game experience.

We started off as flat mates based in Austria, Vienna. Therefore, we can almost work 24/7 on our project in the most efficient way! We got a whole bunch of people in our bag to hire, if FantasyPixel keeps growing at such a rapid rate!

Julian Z. (22), in charge of Coding.

Florian K. (24), in charge of Design.

The NFT market today is mainly focused, around the genre of NFT art. In our opinion, the gaming industry is slowly but surely transferring over to the universe of crypto. Since the 21st century is the century of technology, humans will more and more dive into the digital world. To truly own your items in a game is the future of gaming.

We are one of a few play to earn games on the WAX blockchain and have great growing potential. We are greatly motivated to realize our vision of FantasyPixel and reaching our long-term goal of becoming the #1 most played NFT game.

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