Cynical: From the Cosmos to Little Island NFTs

What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

I was always fascinated with technology and art and wanted to somehow combine the two. I first thought about graphic design but then realized there was a lot of that already on the market.
I wanted to be unique, so I had an idea of involving AI into it. A few weeks later and I had finally made my first few AI-generated images!

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

My NFTs are special because until now, I have barely seen anyone else do the same as what I have done.
As well as this, considering AI learns for itself each image will be different from the last one.

What bonuses and perks do you offer your community members?

Once my NFTs are sold, unlockable content is unlocked, and I offer custom-made AI-generated images that fit the buyers desire.

Share your plans to develop your project in the near future

In the near future, I would like to work more with faces, which are a lot more complex and have a lot more options to work with. This could lead to a character collection.

Tell us something interesting about your team

Sadly, until now I’m all on my own in this project and haven’t found anyone to work with yet. In the future I hope to have at least a small community that is semi-half part of the team/project

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today and what are your predictions for the future?

I think the NFT market is something very new to all of us, but I believe it has a lot of potential to become something that almost everyone will use, buy, create and see on a daily basis. For the future, I believe the current NFT’s will become extremely valuable and hold a lot more worth than right now.

Why should collectors get your NFT?

I think collectors won’t have anything alike in their collection that comes close to what I can offer. As mentioned I will also create custom ones just for them that fit their desire for their collection… who wouldn’t want that!

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