Badassnimals: The Wild Animals of the NFT World

Cool Cats Tron interview the Badassnimals team as part of the #BigNFTGiveaway, exposing the NFT community & awesome new projects to each other in the biggest NFT giveaway in history!

Cool Cat
3 min readNov 9, 2021


What inspired you to create your own NFT collection?

We want to create art that has a real impact in the world. We want to change our planet and provide solutions to the difficulties it is having nowadays. Not only endangered species, also problems involving human beings in general, earth as a whole.

Tell us what makes your NFT character special

First of all, there is not only one NTF character, but 5! :) All of them are hand-drawn, we are not very pixel guys artists, as you see. They are not generative, they are made one by one by our artist. They make a cool gang and combine their different personalities perfectly with each other.

What bonuses and perks do you offer your community members?

As a team that focuses our efforts in having a strong community, they will benefit from our new projects’ NFT giveaways and rewards. Also merchandising is important for us, customized pictures collaborating with our artist, contests… We are already working in two new collections that will be announced in our social media. Our future projects will maintain our goal to help our planet and the people who live in it. Our community will benefit from our new projects’ NFT giveaways.

Share your plans to develop your project in the near future

After minting, we want to focus in these other 2 projects that have already been created, so that our followers can benefit from them as holders of this one. Of course, there will be other rewards regarding this project in particular, but we don’t want to disclose anything yet:). Of course, we are open to proposals from our active members, we are a living project, future is all ours.

Tell us something interesting about your team

We are a team of young developers, artists, musicians and designers with many ideas and projects in mind. We all come from the creative world, and there is a lot of good atmosphere between us, we are all friends with creative ideas that want to change the world and make it a better place by doing the best we can, ART.

What are your thoughts on the NFT market today, and what are your predictions for the future?

The NFT market is exploding right now with a lot of projects, and, like in everything, only the good and persistent ones with interesting ideas or visions will remain. We want to be at this side of the history;)

Why should collectors get your NFT

If you are fascinated by art; if you believe in forming part of a community with your interests; if you are interested in maintaining your commitment to the planet by providing real solutions that will help preserve our planet; if you are a NFT lover and a crypto enthusiast…you should get a BDNML.

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