A Brief Overview of What’s Going on With NFTs Right Now

What do I think about what’s going on in the NFT market? Not the best of times.

Cool Cat
2 min readOct 11, 2021


Too many projects have been launched, investors have already invested money in projects that still haven’t brought them profit — it’s a disappointment. But someone has already made money. And will make more. Why?

The problem is that in the euphoria of the trend, it’s very difficult to distinguish a strong team with a clear understanding of what it does from projects that were created for the sake of a quick buck and nothing more.

Now is the time when the euphoria is gone and decisions are becoming more deliberate.

The projects are locked into narrow marketing in their own networks. For example, ETH projects are eager to attract an audience that already has ETH NFTs, and so on. Teams forget that their audience is much larger — an entire cross-blockchain community of crypto-enthusiasts.

How did we decide to show the strength of our project and our team?

Together with our partners, we’re making history. The moment when all the projects from different networks will work together. As organizers, we are consolidating the audience through our website and our community. However, our partners will be equal participants in people’s attention. We will help uncover the different sides of each project and offer it for your judgment.

We will let the NFT community decide which project is worthy and deserves to become the most valuable on the market. Where will you and I direct the full power of the audience gathered from all corners of the NFT world?

Of course, cats will not stand aside. At the moment, we already have over 80 NFTs of varying value in our fund. And that’s just the beginning. I think you’ll be interested to hear the estimated value of the NFT pool in dollars. But more about that later.

To take a place of honor in the pool, you need to be a cat owner.

Adopt a cat

Some people are worried that our minting is not going fast enough. But let’s get back to those concerns when we see how many of our NFTs are gone after we announce the final cost of the pool, which Cat owners will get for free.

Moreover, ahead, the whole community and all our partners will have a very pleasant surprise. This is the point at which history happens. And I’m glad you’re with us.

Cool Cats Tron CMO

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